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Saturday Evening Pics

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Saturday Evening Pics
Posted Friday, August 28, 2009 07:10 PM




 Mick and Linda Flood

Tracey (Chuck) Gundersen and Ann (McNabb) Hale



Amy Wold and Marya Meyer

Brad Helstad and Mary (Hammes) Severson

Randy Nudd and Kevin Rusch


Diane Benjamin and Holly (Johnson) Heuer

Todd Jorgenson, Marya Meyer and Chris Thompson

Bob LIndesmithe and Hank Perrez-Guerra

Todd Kennedy and Linda (Otto) Hagstrom

Tammy (Hanson) and Janet (Rick)

Hank, Brad and Stuart



Linda (Otto) Hagstrom and Mary (Hammes) Severson


Hello Classmates.

To all "photographees" whose images I've posted on the forum--> If the photos I've posted that you're in bother or offend you in anyway, I'd be glad to modify them or remove you from them. I didn't get specific permission from each subject.

No~! I'm not an attorney, just aware of how the Internet can rob us of choices and I don't want to unwittingly violate others privacy.
Amy Wold




Edited 08/29/09 08:40 AM
RE: Saturday Evening Pics
Posted Saturday, August 29, 2009 06:48 AM

Yes Amy thanks again.. and Jerry..your not alone.. too bad you can't tag here like on Facebook LOL..(taking 79 yearbook out to compare) LOL..Just a few Mystery people..hehehe.. wonders if the mystery people are SPOUSES..hmmmmm